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Whole Loins & Roasts

Though we’re known for our gourmet steaks, we also offer a variety of whole loins and roasts at The Texas Steak Warehouse. From center-cut pork roasts and brisket roasts to boneless leg of lamb and prime rib roasts for sale, we have everything you can imagine at our online meat shop. Our Certified Hereford® USDA Choice 4-Bone "Prime Rib" Roast is a four-bone half large end of a gourmet, untrimmed prime rib roast, which holds in the juice as you roast it in the oven. In the mood for steak? Try our Superior Angus USDA Choice Boneless NY Strip Loin steak or our Superior Angus USDA Choice Boneless Ribeye Roast. See the other whole loins and roasts we offer below!