Texas Strip Steaks

As the best online meat shop for premium steak, we offer Texas Strip steaks at The Texas Steak Warehouse. Our USDA Choice Texas Strip steaks are juicy, tender, and packed with flavor.  These boneless strip steaks are trimmed of excess fat to ensure the best steak cut possible, and they’re aged for 21 days to lock in the flavor. We also offer delicious USDA Choice NY Strip steaks, which give you the flavor and tenderness you’re looking for in a gourmet steak.  Also referred to as “Kansas City strip steaks,” or "NY Strip steaks", but why would you?  Order these USDA Choice Texas Strip Steaks now!

  • USDA Choice Texas Strip Steaks

    USDA Choice Texas Strip Steaks

    Texas Steaks Boneless Texas Strips are a customer favorite. Cut from the heart of the loin, these well-marbled steaks are delectably juicy and flavorful. They're often called "the ultimate cookout ste...

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