A few words from our satisfied customers!
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This was the first time I have ordered steak from Texas Steak Warehouse but it won’t be the last. The strip loin that I received came in a timely fashion, was well packaged on ice in a cooler, and the steaks were delicious! Great product!

Cheryl R.03/03/2020



Truly enjoy these products. Our family can’t wait to grill them or cook them anyway.

Donald S.02/15/2020



Ordered three times to send to friends and relatives.  Great tasting steaks and other products and great "old fashioned" customer service. Will definitely use again and would highly recommend buying products from them.

Steve M.01/01/2020



Took a chance and ordered these steaks online from Texas. They are the best steaks that I have ever bought online . They are tender and fresh .....and the prices are fantastic for all steaks. You ran out of porterhouse/T-bone in August 2019. Please advise when you get some more in so that I can go broke spending all my money on Texas Steaks.

Bessie S.09/3/2019



Some of the best rib-eyes! Every time I have ordered these they never disappoint!

John G. 08/12/2019



Safeway and Costco steaks suck compared to these. Awesome! Already bought more!

Patrick A.07/29/2019



The leg of lamb arrived on time and well packed. It was about 6 lbs. I did a two-zone cook at 250 degrees F and took it off at about 135 degrees F internal temp with a 20 minute rest. It was delicious.

Jay C.07/02/2019



Much higher quality and better flavor than where I used to buy my Filet Mignons (that Omaha company). Faster shipping too.

Ed B. 07/01/2019



I have bought from Omaha Steaks for years but lately their steaks and filets have been tough so I started to try others and Texas Steak Warehouse has the most tender and best price.

Sylvia S. 06/25/2019



One of the best I have ever cooked, it was really something special and it wasn't even a holiday

Ed 06/25/2019



Tender succulent steaks that are aged to perfection, resulting in that bold beefy flavor steak aficionados love!

Gregory E.06/19/2019



To be honest I haven’t tried the T-bone yet , but I have had the ribeye, sirloin, strip, and filet so there’s no doubt they will be just as great!!

John G.06/03/2019



Once again you guys have made the masses happy. These steaks are always delicious and still frozen/cold when they make it here to Afghanistan. More business coming your way. Thanks guys!

James C. 05/29/2019



I am from Tx and I expect a good steak, which I consistently get from the Texas Warehouse. I highly recommend them!

Cheryl V. 05/24/2019



Was kind of wondering how a "mail-order" steak would turn out, they were great! Good quality, good marbling, nobody left hungry and the delivery could not have been any more spot on.

Paul H.05/21/2019



Received in excellent condition and on time great steaks great price!

Edwin E.03/18/2019



These were by far the best steaks we ever had and will purchase again.

Mark C.03/11/2019



Shipped to our APO AE, arrived in less than 2 weeks. It is our 6th order in the last year and a half. Great service and freshness of the meat. Great follow up service and remarks and reviews are encouraged. I grilled 9 packs of the beef brats and I prepared and grilled 2 of the Briskets and they came out wonderfully with my own rub and slow roasted method. Thank you Texas Steak Warehouse.

Jeffery M.02/18/2019



These are the most tender and flavorful steaks I have ever had. They put the Nebraska steaks to shame. I also purchased the top sirloin steaks which are also very flavorful and tender.

John L. 02/14/2019



The steaks are exceptional! Priced right for the quality!!

John G.02/14/2019



I've been purchasing these for more than a year and they are by far some of the best tasting NY Strip steaks I have ever had, and THAT is saying something!

Ed B. 02/06/2019



Awesome Service and exceptional quality of meat products even to our APO address. It is our 4th order in about a year and 2 months. No discrepancies noted. 5-star quality. Thank you Texas Warehouse. Cordially, JMayo Sr.

Jeffery M.01/22/2019



You cannot go wrong with the Ribeye steak. They are so good I ordered 12 and had them shipped 7000 + miles and 8 days to get to me. We cooked 2 that evening. Worth the wait!!! Thanks Texas Steak Warehouse!!!!!

David M. 01/21/2019