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They absolutely loved it!

I wanted to take a moment to give you some feedback on the brisket and ribeye roast I smoked last Sunday.  The ribeye roast was smoked to an internal temperature of just over 130 degrees and delivered to a family that had just lost a family member.  Given the circumstances, I did not expect anyone to call or e-mail about the quality of the roast, but several did.  It was loved from every aspect.  It had a great, juicy, smoky flavor and was as tender as any beef they had ever had before.  They absolutely loved it!  The brisket, which is easily the largest brisket I had ever smoked before was prepared for the staff at my office for Monday.  I cut the brisket in half because of its size and served it to my staff with roasted garlic potatoes and great white northern beans.  To my dismay, the brisket was completely consumed that day.  I only have 16 employees and 4 of them are in Florida on a project, one doesn’t eat meat and 4 others were out on local projects.  When the 4 on local projects returned at the end of the day, they did have an opportunity to eat a little, but it was pretty slim by that time.  It was like cutting into butter and the flavor was amazing!  I brought the remaining brisket into the office today and they are currently having lunch.  I only hope they are kind enough to leave more for the local crews that don’t have an opportunity to come back to the office for lunch.

Despite being a little skeptical about buying frozen beef, it has turned out to be a great decision.  Next week I will prepare one of the giant pork loins for the office and I expect nothing but the best.

Bravo to you on the quality of the meat.  It has been nothing short of amazing!

Thank you,

Rick S.
Precision Delivery Services

...Melted in My Mouth!

The Filet Mignon were delicious! They melted in my mouth!

- Agnes, Mass.
(April 20, 2017)

They're Great!

I really like your steaks. They're great! The quality and everything was there!

- Alan D., S. Carolina
(April 5, 2017)

...A bit of heaven...


Customer for life

Best steak I have ever had.
Thank you.
Customer for life

John T. A.  (Jan. 10, 2017)

Amazing quality!

I ordered my Father's Day steaks the Wednesday before and they were in the next day!  Amazing quality!  Will definitely be ordering from them again!

‎Raquel R. (from Facebook)‎
June 23, 2016 · Houston


Hello, we'd placed an order two weeks ago, received on time.  Purfect condition.  Cooked hamburgers twice, they were TERRIFIC..BEST EVER.  SMOKED RIBS TODAY, words can't describe how pleased we are.

Thank you

Sandra S.
June 25, 2016

Thanks big time guys!

Steaks made it to Afghanistan.  Thanks big time guys!


D. Lewis  (Dec. 2015)
Steaks to Military in Afghanistan