Combo Pack of Ribeye and Top Sirloin - Small

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Select a 4, 6, or 8 pack of 8 oz Ribeyes and 6 oz Top Sirloins.

For the ultimate grilling experience, the Texas Steaks Combo Pack of Ribeye and Top Sirloin steaks is indisputably the way to make a tasteful impression. From the naturally lean and robustly flavored Top Sirloin, to the unbelievably tender and juicy Ribeye, these delicious steaks aim to satisfy all steak lovers.

  • Wet-aged for up to 21 days
  • Grass Fed and Grain Finished
  • Certified USDA Choice
  • Hand Picked
  • Top 1% of Beef Worldwide
  • 5 Star Restaurant Quality
  • From Cattle Raised in Texas and the Midwest
  • Fresh Frozen and Vacuum Sealed

Our USDA Choice Combo Pack of Ribeye and Top Sirloin steaks set new standards for taste and tenderness with exquisite flavor and superb trimming. Taste the difference. Nobody does it better than the Texas Steak Company.

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