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Vegetables to Pair With Steak

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In our last blog post, we touched on a few of the ways that you can start building a healthy relationship with food in the year 2019. One of the points that we covered was trying new food items and learning how to prepare them in a way that you enjoy them. If you’re looking for some vegetables to prepare with your tasty meats, keep reading, today’s blog is for you.

While it can be hard to stay away from creamy mashed potatoes and warm rolls, there are lots of healthy options that pair perfectly with a juicy steak or a savory sausage. Here are a few of our favorite options.

Sweet Potatoes

If you’re a big fan of potatoes on the side of your steak, opting for a healthier option can be hard. While sweet potatoes don’t taste quite the same, they are a healthier option that can be prepared in similar ways. The thing about sweet potatoes is that they’re frequently thought of as a sweeter option, but with a little salt and pepper, you can make them just as savory as the potatoes you’re used to enjoying your steak with. And the best part is that they’re a much healthier alternative.

Brussel Sprouts

A vegetable that many of us had to eat as children that lead to us hating it as adults: brussel sprouts. While the memories that you have of brussel sprouts may not be the fondest, there are so many ways that you can prepare them now and enjoy them. If it’s been a while since you’ve tried them, look up a few recipes and find one that entices you. It might wind up being your new favorite side dish.


Another vegetable that might have been avoided in your childhood but should be tried again is the savory mushroom. Mushrooms pair beautifully with steak, and they require minimal seasoning to make for a perfect side dish. Just a little bit of garlic, salt, and pepper and you have a healthy vegetable to eat alongside your steak.


One of the best vegetables to enjoy with a steak will be steamed broccoli. Rich in fiber and easy to prepare, broccoli is a side that adds color to every dish, doesn’t take long to make, and can fill you up quickly. If you want to add a little bit more flavor to your broccoli, mix in a few other vegetables, and you’ve got a tasty medley to enjoy. We personally love adding cauliflower to our broccoli when we steam it, but carrots and peas are also great to enjoy alongside some broccoli and steak.

Side Salad

A side dish that is popular and leaves lots of room for choosing a recipe is the classic side salad. Whether you decide to stick to a basic salad with iceberg lettuce, chopped carrots, tomatoes, and the like, or you want to try a unique recipe that maybe incorporates fruit or cheese, you’re able to add multiple servings of vegetables to your meal.

We are a big fan of side salads because of how many opportunities there are in regards to recipes and how many servings of vegetables you get to enjoy when you pair them with a steak.


When you’re looking for new side dishes to try, squash is a fantastic option. Though squash has been around for a while, it’s become especially popular in the last couple of years. Whether you choose to chop it up and grill it or fry it in a pan, you can enjoy a delicious side of hearty vegetables.

There are also different types of squash, like spaghetti squash, that offer a one-of-a-kind side dish that’s healthy and tasty! If you haven’t tried different squashes before, look into a few recipes and find one that speaks to your taste buds.

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