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​Best Drinks to Pair With Your Steak

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It is a known fact that a good steak is one of the best things that exist on Earth. Steak was created for the end of a hard work day, a celebration of glorious victory, or a tender moment with a special someone. Here at Texas Steak Warehouse, we understand the importance of a premium steak and provide the best steaks in the world for our discerning customer. We offer the best steaks online to deliver from here to anywhere in the world.

There are few things finer than a tender, juicy steak cooked to medium and served with just a bit of salt and pepper—besides that same steak with a good drink to pair it with. In today’s blog, we will be discussing a range of drinks that are beneficial in helping to bring your steak’s flavors out even more, and add to the mouth watering experience.

Red Wine

Traditionally, steaks are paired with red wines, and for good reason. The right red wines have both tannins and alcohol that can help bring out the robust, delicious flavor of the steak again and again. The almost bitter tannins in the red wine compliments the rich fattiness of a well-marbled steak. This combination helps bring out intricacies in both the wine and the steak with an interplay of complicated and dry tannins, and the richness of the steak that produces unique flavors. For the culinary explorer this helps to create real moments where you are present in your food and enjoying the well earned reward. In addition, red wine and red meat has been a standard pairing since early in our history and was a sign of nobility and royal blood. For the king and queen of your castle, this classic pairing can’t go wrong.


For those more dissuaded by spirits and stronger libations, whiskey is another classic pairing with a premium steak. When pairing a steak with whiskey, make sure to go for the good marbling and only go for choice or prime grade steaks in order to get that high quality marbling. If it’s a truly special event like an anniversary or a birthday, go for a prime steak, the rich marbling and ample tenderness makes for a truly heavenly food pairing. If you are worried about health, than we advocate a grass-fed Hereford beef ribeye to increase omega 3s and other beneficial nutrients. When looking at the whiskey, make sure to choose your favorite flavor profile, and to go for one with a little oomph. One of the tricks with alcohol and a good steak is that alcohol is a naturally occurring organic solvent and helps clear your palate with complimentary smoky or peaty flavors so that your next bite is just as rich and refreshing as the first. Just thinking about this combination has us smiling big, relaxing, and our mouth watering.

Dark Beer

A rich and full dark beer like a stout or a porter carry a similar reaction as the tannins of red wine that chemically bond to the rich fat of a good steak and help to bring out flavors unique only to that combination. In addition, a high-alcohol-per-volume stout can help cleanse your pallet and add complicated notes and flavors to your delicious ribeye. If you are going for leaner cuts than the usual ribeye or NY strip than you can pair it with a lighter bear like a brown ale.

White Wine

A good white wine isn’t usually paired with steaks as red wine has the tannins and similar flavor profile that creates such a unique flavor experience. But with the right full-bodies and dry white wine, you can certainly pair it with a good steak. Bonus points for oak-aged whites that add layers of rich complexity to the palet.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Though these aren’t as well known, there are indeed non-alcoholic drinks that pair well with a good steak. Purists will argue that nothing beats the palate cleansing ability of our organic solvent, alcohol, but we think that’s a bit silly, and a good pairing has as much or more to do with just being in the flavors and enjoying the premium steak. 

Cranberry or Pomegranate Juice 

Much like our red wines or the dark beers, Cranberry or pomegranate juice has a range of tannins that interplays with the rich flavors of a prime steak. In addition, both juices aren’t so sweet that they will ruin the flavor, but are just tart enough. If need be, add a bit of club soda to tone down the bitter notes. 

Club Soda and Lime

Though we haven’t tried a steak and club soda with lime combination, many claim that the combo is quite good and the carbonation and slightly acidic lemon or lime help to cleanse the palate for a crip and light combination with the rich flavors and notes of a good steak. 

For your next evening with steak, keep in mind these delicious and endearing combinations that not only pair with a good steak, but help to bring out the refreshing richness and relaxing flavors that makes a good steak such a treat. For your own steaks, we at Texas Steak Warehouse offer the best online steaks for the discerning steak enthusiast. Whether you are, we deliver the finest steaks possible. Check out our site or contact us to learn more.

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