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How The New York Strip Steak Got Its Name

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Most gourmet steaks have names that reference where they are cut from the steer — the ribeye cut comes from the rib section, the filet mignon tenderloin comes from the rear section of the tenderloin, the sirloin comes from the end of the short loin, and so on and so forth. So where does the New York strip steak come from and how did it get its peculiar name? At Texas Steak Warehouse, we carry many different kinds of NY strip and Texas strip steaks, so let us explain why the New York strip steak references the Big Apple.

The History

Though the New York strip steak has been around for, well, ever, the name “New York strip” dates back to 1837 when a restaurant called Delmonico’s opened in Manhattan, NYC. Sources say that one of the signature dishes was a gourmet steak cut from the short loin of the steer, which was labeled on the menu as a “Delmonico steak.” Of course, the deliciously tender steak cut gained popularity as people flocked from all over to taste it for themselves, and before long, it was called the New York strip steak due to its popularity at Delmonico’s Restaurant.

While this New York steak cut is primarily known today as the NY strip, it has taken on other names across the country. These include the Delmonico steak cut, strip loin steak, and top loin steak, in addition to other location-based names from places known for their meat-packing industries such as the Kansas City strip steak and Texas strip steak. No matter what you call them, all NY strip steaks come from the same part of the cow: the short loin. Not sure what that means? Let’s dive into it!

What Is A Strip Steak?

Simply put, the strip steak comes from a section of the short loin, or the back of the cow. Since this muscle group hardly bears any weight, it is incredibly tender, juicy, and packed with flavor. More specifically, the short loin runs along the spine of the steer, containing both the top loin and the tenderloin. The tenderloin is where filet mignon steaks come from, while the top loin yields a bone-in strip steak that is nicely marbled with savory fat.

Not everyone knows that T-bone steaks contain both kinds of gourmet steak — beef tenderloin filet mignon and NY strip — separated by the T-shaped bone. The main difference between this and the New York strip is that the tenderloin is left in, rather than being cut and served separately as a filet, making the T-bone a great option for meat lovers who want a little more variety in their premium steak. In our humble opinion, T-bone and porterhouse steak cuts make for some of the best online steaks we carry at our meat shop, so be sure to check them out and take advantage of our online meat delivery service!

Choose Texas Steak Warehouse For Your New York Strip Steaks

Now that you know a little more about New York strip steaks and where the name “New York strip” comes from, are you ready to try a delicious strip loin steak for yourself? Texas Steak Warehouse makes it easy to enjoy your favorite gourmet steaks at home without having to navigate busy grocery stores, expensive butcher shops, or crowded restaurants. Shop our New York strip steaks online to have fresh meat delivered right to your doorstep!

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