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When Your Order Arrives


When your meat arrives, if it is not frozen, it can be refrozen.

Meat that is thawed to refrigerated temperatures (36°F to 40°F) can be re-frozen. 
Re-freeze defrosted meat within 1-2 days of holding at refrigerated temperatures. 
Do not re-freeze defrosted meat that is held at room temperature for more than two hours.

Just a note so you will be most satisfied with the steaks:
The meat will turn out more juicy and tender if thawed slowly as described under "Thawing" in the Cooking Instructions, and if it is cooked for a shorter time (not too long).  It is also better to cook the meat slowly, especially if cooked to 'medium' or 'well done'.  For best results, don't go over the time shown in the enclosed Steak Cooking Chart.
Thanks again, and God Bless You!
- Lee and Sue Harper
The Texas Steak Warehouse
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